The Monero Badge Challenge @ DEF CON 26

So you want a Monero badge? Well there's only one way to get one...
...solve the Monero Badge Challenge!

Step 1

First you need to acquire a Monero Badge Challenge Token. You can get these from:
- Any of the Monero Badge creators (@elasticninja, @tonym128, @fluffypony)
- At the BCOS / Monero village (in the Pompei I room at Caesar's Palace)
- At any of the DEF CON info booths (if there are any left!)

The Monero Badge Challenge Tokens are pictured below, but PLEASE only take one so that there are enough for others - you only need one challenge token to complete the challenge.

Note that the images below are NOT enough to complete the challenge, you need an actual token

Step 2

Decode the secret message on the front AND the back (remember that you only need one challenge token, the message is the same across all of them)

Step 3

Use the same key to encode a string (make it something unique, bonus points if it's funny) and Tweet the encoded string at the badge creators (@elasticninja, @tonym128, @fluffypony)

Step 4

We'll send you an encoded message with our location! Bring us your challenge token, tell us how you did it, and collect your DefCon 26 Monero Badge!

Stuck? We'll update this with hints if people are struggling, so Tweet at us and check back!